Your Second Brain - Notion Template

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"Your brain is for having ideas not for holding them" - David Allen (productivity guru)

Your Second Brain is for capturing ideas and information, like:

  • Highlights from a book or video that resonated with you
  • A cool website you want to save for later
  • That thought you said you would "definitely remember" but definitely won't

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  • Unburden your brain by having a central repository for projects, notes, resources and whatever else.
  • Reduce information overload and mindfully consume content by capturing ideas that resonate
  • Synthesize your ideas and express your creativity


  • 🧠 Your Second Brain dashboard: everything a click away in a simple and accessible dashboard
  • 💡 Knowledge hub: a collection of all your notes, books, content consumed etc. organized into categories to help you find and synthesize ideas
  • 📁 PARA-style organization (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) as inspired by Tiago Forte
  • 📕 Notes database: organize your notes how you like them. Connect them to projects, areas, your knowledge hub and more so you can find them wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Quick notes: for those thoughts that need to be written down NOW
  • Integrated to do list: give your brain a break by storing your tasks. Connect tasks to projects for streamlined organization
  • 📄 30+ FREE bonus Notion templates
  • 🆘 A guide on how to use Your Second Brain

Who is this for?

  • Those looking for a simple, accessible way to collect their thoughts, ideas and lessons
  • Those who are sick of mindlessly consuming content and who want to be more intentional and reflective
  • Knowledge workers, writers and creators

Is it worth $5?

Absolutely! This all-in-one productivity tool is an investment in yourself and will help you live a more intentional and organized life. You will also save yourself countless hours that would otherwise be needed to create a second brain from scratch. Plus you get heaps of in-built bonus templates for free like book tracking, goal setting, home organization and more.

Give your brain a break by using Your Second Brain

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Your Second Brain - Notion Template

4 ratings
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